M2P Series

M2P Series

WallBox EV Charger + Mounting Pole

• Residential areas like apartment and dwellings.
• Parking garage of office building, hospital, supermarket, motel and etc. for commercial EV charging.
• EV infrastructure operators a n d service providers.



• Compatible with most electric vehicles that equip with CA charging interface.
• Compact design, save more place.
• Easy installation, wal mounted or pole mounted for option. (Not included)
•Availabeni W-iFi andG4 LTE. •Safeandreliable,withmultiplefaultprotection. •WaterproofPI 56 rated for indoor or outdoor applications. • E a s y i n s t a l l a t i o n P l u g a n d P l a y .
• RFDI Card for control access.
•OCP 16.J Protocol.
•For domestic and commercial use •

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